Upcoming Events


Parenting: The Hilarious and the Transformational

Friday, September 29th

6:00pm - 8:00pm


Join Birth Love Tribe for a moth-style story sharing event on parenting! Listen to stories on parenting: the hilarious and the transformational, and submit your story for a chance to share!

Please submit a descriptive paragraph on your story to Shaina Levee at [email protected] along with a pledged offering of $5-$20 (all proceeds to benefit Birth Love Family Fest).

The event is free to attend with food, beer and wine available for purchase at the Stowe Street Cafe!


Bridgeside Books Book Group

Wednesday, October 4th

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Please join Bridgeside Books Book Group the first Wednesday of each month for an open and lively book discussion. All are welcome to join the group. 

Our October book is Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill Candice Millard.


Jazzyaoke at Bridgeside Books!

Saturday, October 14th

7:30pm - 10:30pm


Jazzyaoke is BAAAAACK at Bridgeside Books! Karaoke to a LIVE jazz band with all lyrics provided! If you haven't experienced Jazzyaoke yet, now is the time!

$5.00 at the door-For every song a person sings at the
mic--up to five--they get $1 back!

Stowe Street Cafe will be open for beer + wine, plus food!


extempo Story Telling

Thursday, October 26th

8:00pm - 10:30pm


extempo Story Telling is back at Bridgeside Books! Be sure to join us for this fantastic evening of LIVE ORIGINAL STORYTELLING!

ex tem po ra ne ous: 1 a (2) carefully prepared but delivered without notes or text

$5.00 at the door

Beer and wine available for sale @ Stowe Street Cafe



Bridgeside Books Book Group

Wednesday, November 1st

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Please join Bridgeside Books Book Group the first Wednesday of each month for an open and lively book discussion. All are welcome to join the group. 

Our November book is Lab Girl Hope Jahren.


Bill Mares 'The Full Vermonty' Reading + Signing

Tuesday, November 7th

6:00pm - 7:30pm


Bridgeside Books is excited to welcome author Bill Mares and The Full Vermonty.

What was  America thinking?  Donald Trump as our president?  You're kidding, right? No, a nightmare is upon us. But take heart. Vermont will fight back. Life in Vermont is already "great." We'll be damned if we're going to let a man who dyes his hair, cheats workers and has his products made in China, dictate to us how life should be.

Trump may see himself as a western version of Vladimir Putin, but we don't agree. He's just a bully used to stiffing banks (Vermonters make their payments), stiffing his subcontractors (we pay them, because we're related to most of them) and treating women poorly (we just know better).

We love a good fight, and those who challenge us soon learn that Vermont generally wins. With the help of a score of Vermont writers and artists, our original literary duet became a chorus of intelligence, wit and passion. In addition,  the book has quizzes, relevant quotations from Vermont history, escape literature, a Vermont tool box, and more. Indeed, this book has all things necessary to flesh out a thump to The Trump!


'The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook' Tasting & Book Signing w/ Tracey Medeiros

Saturday, November 11th

11:00am - 1:00pm


The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook honors the state's mission to connect with its local organic farmlands and the farmers who nurture and care for them. It also serves as a guide for eating organically and non-GMO in Vermont. The book celebrates the region's esteemed organic food producers, farmers, cheesemakers, dairy farmers, and the chefs who partner with them to create delicious, innovative, organic, and non-GMO recipes.

Tracey Medeiros
is the author of The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook, The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook, and Dishing Up Vermont. She writes The Farmhouse Kitchen: A Guide to Eating Local column for Edible Green Mountains magazine and is also a freelance food writer, food stylist, and recipe developer and tester. She is often seen on various television cooking segments preparing one of her favorite recipes while sharing helpful culinary tips with the viewing audience. Tracey travels regionally as a guest speaker and cooking instructor, emphasizing her commitment to the sustainable food movement by using locally produced fresh ingredients to create dishes that are healthy and delicious.


'A Farm for Maisie' Book Signing & Reading

Saturday, December 2nd

11:00am - 12:00pm


We are SO excited to welcome back Sweet Pea and Friends: A Farm for Maisie! Farmer John and Maisie will be on hand to read the new book, plus sign & paw print copies!

Meet adorable sheepdog Maisie in this follow-up to the picture book phenomenon The SheepOver!

When Maisie Grace the puppy arrives at Moonrise Farm, she's excited about her new home but overwhelmed by all the bustling activity around her. She learns about each animal's job: the chickens lay eggs, the pony pulls a cart for Farmer John, and the sheep make lots of soft wool for blankets and warm clothes. But what will Maisie's job be? With the help of older dog Laddie and her new friends, Maisie realizes how she can help-she's going to be a sheepdog!

This charming story by John and Jennifer Churchman, featuring their photo-illustrations of the real animals on their bustling Vermont farm including fan favorites Sweet Pea from The Sheepover and Finn from Brave Little Finn, celebrates the joy of finding just where you belong.